The Patent

·         MYMO patent has been submitted in Jordan, GCC and WIPO with registration numbers: 110/2008, 18/2008 and PCT/CA2008/000935 respectively.

·         The PCT examination result clearly stated that this invention covers all the required elements of a patent, which are:

1.    Novelty (N).

2.    Inventive Step (IS).

3.    Industrial Applicability (IA).


·         The patent is registered under the ownership of Mr. Mahmoud Anass Al Sahli. Mr. Al Sahli is a major shareholder of MYMO and operates as CEO. He, as a patent owner, has given exclusive rights to MYMO Holding to develop market and operate MYMO worldwide.

·         Registration has been submitted through “Abu-Ghazaleh intellectual property” who is handling the completion of all remaining procedures and formalities in the Arab countries.

·         “Abu-Ghazaleh intellectual property” is part of Talal Abu Ghazaleh

·         Following up on the patent in America, Europe and the Far East are handled by Rouse